A new and innovative way to bring you fresh, clean water that is environmentally friendly

The big plus and most pleasant surprise is that this latest innovation provides you with clean, fresh water without the bottle. Most mineral and spring water products, as you should know by now, come packaged and supplied to you in plastic. Yes, glass bottles are still being used, but by now, you should have grasped the point. The use of plastic remains one of the heaviest contributors towards environmental degradation.

Many initiatives and legislative policies have been enacted to curb this environmental plague. Short of saying that not enough is being done to curb the use of plastic and discourage the reliance on it, it has to be acknowledged that not enough men and women have exercised their own consciences towards making their own sustainable contributions. Those who pretentiously look the other way while taking another sip from their plastic bottles could be counted as among the most guilty.

All can be forgiven individuals and companies alike, if more and more stakeholders take full advantage of the availability and utilization of bottle free water coolers Santa Fe springs. The use of bottle free water systems eliminates the need to unnecessarily store bottles of water and greatly reduces the amount of discarded plastic bottles. Across the board, in the domestic environment and particularly within the commercial and industrial sectors, wasteful expenditure is also eliminated and all consumers benefit, not just through drinking healthy, clean water but also through being part of an eco-friendly environment.

Hot water can also be provided through dispensers that are filtered through micro-filtration or reverse osmosis. Water dispensers are protected optionally by an ultra-violet disinfection system. Plain to see, if you will, that there are no losers and only winners with this sustainable initiative.