The importance of utilizing professionally prepared jump cups

For the benefit of the outsider with little but growing interest in equestrian sports, jump cups are essential appurtenances, utilized in horse jumping exercises and show jumping events. Equestrian sportsmen and women should by now be taking a discerning attitude in regard to laying out their courses and obstacles and supporting it with the best available horse jump cups. In most cases, registered equestrian sports enthusiasts are already doing this. But tragically, there are those small horse handlers that remain ignorant of the necessary safety factors and continue to use rudimentary alternatives.

One the whole, professionals will always be doing their utmost best to maintain their courses optimally, never mind adequately. Professionally prepared jump cups are safe to use. They are prepared from professional grade steel and are appropriately rubber coated for durability and longevity. These cups also lessen the frustration of consistently losing pins. Today’s professionally prepared cups are indicative of providing its users with ease of use by way of provisioning them as a one piece unit.

Setting up the cups and related poles are easy to do but no less safe. Poles can now be adjusted without having to set it on the ground, and all with one hand. Horse jump cups have been designed and manufactured in such a way that its shape and depth improvises the maximization of safety. This is done by creating smooth and soft edges and completely discarding the old-fashioned jagged square shape. Today’s Dapple Safety cups act in similar fashion, serving its full purpose as a so-called breakaway cup.

When this cup receives enough downward pressure, a coupler allows the cup’s arm to disconnect. All cups are re-usable and UV resistant. Importantly, they follow USEA specifications.